315316Leptogenys punctaticeps

I would see this species, or what I presumed to be this species approximately every week in my study site at La Selva.  I once observed a small colony of 8-10 workers moving in compact single file in the litter and over a log until disappearing into the litter. They were carrying 4 brood items, all of different developmental stages. No morphologically distinct members could be seem. If disturbed, foraging workers are very hard to catch as they run haphazardly and can “disappear” into the litter. Leptogenys in the neotropics is presumed to be an isopod specialist. Most species are nomadic and have a small colony size. For more information see Jack Longinos website here: http://academic.evergreen.edu/projects/ants/genera/leptogenys/home.html

317318Leptogenys josephi

This single worker was encountered crossing a dirt path.

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